Upping My Game


I haven’t felt much like writing this summer. Matter of fact, I haven’t felt like doing much at all. I’ve enjoyed just being home, working on my trailer, hanging out with Rhett while his mommy and daddy are at work, sneaking in moments with Izzy when I can… hauling Matthew to Tri-Cities three times a week for driver’s ed, hanging out with girlfriends.. glamping…. making trips to the carrot fields with Tom… snapping a few photos here and their, and riding horses when the opportunity presents itself.You know.. Just being….Me.

I’ve had a heavy heart for some time. Saddened by politics and the seemingly rapid spread of hate and discontent. Police officers being assassinated, patriots being jailed and beaten in Federal Custody, friends on both sides of the isle of politics being hurtful and hateful and politicians being…. well politicians.

It has all made me look back to my own youth…. where those holding offices – were not only treated with respect – but were worthy of it. Where those wearing blue where valued for their sacrifices. Where the average person knew the difference between disagreeing over issues but not being disagreeable.

I worry about the world we are leaving for my kids and grand-kids. I mourn the days of old. I miss the age of innocence that we had that perhaps our grand-kids wont have… as common sense seems to not be so common anymore.

In my trips down memory lane, I found joy in the memory that my grandma Doris celebrated everything. Flag day, you’d find flags in everything. Easter – eggs were all over the house… her house was appropriately decorated for every Hallmark moment.

My grandma – Now 90 – set the bar high.  As a newly wed.. and later a new mom.. I tried to meet the standard, only to discover that my hubby or my little men, never really “appreciated” the attempts that I made to capture those moments. They just didn’t need them. So, they went away.

Fast forward to being a Mother-in-Law – and discovering that my daughter in law Kassie – is my Grandma Doris all over again. She loves to go all out for Hallmark…. No holiday is to little. I love watching the joy that her little Rhett get’s from seeing her efforts.. I adore watching Luke ( her hubby . .  My Son), support her desire….

This 4th of July as my hubby went to bed long before any fire works went off.. And I embedded on the sofa watching a movie… or fixer upper or…. was struck once again by the idea that I really need to up my game.. My girls need it… My grandkids need it.. and I think even I need it….. as a reminder that not all things are dark…. there are things in all of our lives that are worth taking the extra step to celebrate.. Time to up my game…. and find moments worth celebrating to that when Rhett and Izzy look back.. they see these days.. as the “good old days” too.

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