A Little R&R



I’ve never really been good at relaxing. Ever. I am rapped fairly tight. I get bored easily and well, that isn’t always necessarily a good thing. When I am bored the unexpected happens. Every wall becomes a canvas, furniture finds a new location, and well… the men folk in my family take cover, hoping to be saved the grunt work that often comes with these excursions.

For years I have been warned, by friends, family and doctors that I need to make slowing down  a bigger priority. Who knew that, three hours of sleep a night was not the norm.

Well, let me  just say, from someone whose theory was, “I’ll sleep when I am dead.” The whole theory falls apart when you don’t actually die, you just feel so doggone tired.Burning the candle at both ends does catch up with you. Oh not right away, but turning 50 was sure a wake up call for rest.

This weekend, I answered the call. And guess what, It was nice. I literally did nothing… well as long as you don’t call ready, swatting a fly or two and taking not one but two naps -doing anything. It was sublime.  So much so, I am thinking about doing it again. No phones, no tv, so radio.. no noise but the sounds of nature…. the tweeting of a bird, the buzzing of a pesty fly….the rustle of the wind that came in sudden gusts every now and again and the distant ripple of the stream…. I was keenly aware of the rest I was getting not only physically, but mentally… as the deeper I drifted into the surrounding sounds, the harder it was for my mind to hold onto any thoughts.

There is a lot in the world… that keeps us busy. Good things. Good causes. Good activities and friends and….. But, I am a fan of this new found thing called R&R.

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