Flower’s Child


I have recently started buying myself cut flowers.My husband has never been one to surprise me and bring them home, in his defense I didn’t think I was ever one that would appreciate them. It always seemed like such a waste to take them from the garden. I can see now that I was short-sighted as they are temporary whether we cut them and take them indoors or if we leave them in the field. I have seen the error of my ways.

Not that there isn’t a beauty of walking through fields of flowers, there certainly is as I was recently able to do. But, I have also recently discovered the joy they bring me sitting on my counter or family dinner table.

I am not sure why I didn’t allow myself the pleasure before, perhaps it is now that I am slowing down more, sitting more at the dining room table to write, or be with my grandson, learning to be still at home… that I can truly appreciate them.

While in the past I might have stated that my favorite flowers are daisies, I must say these days I am enjoying a variety of different ones, different colors and attributes. Much like my friends – I celebrate their diverseness, taking time to appreciate their individual nuances.

There is something so innocent about flowers and my new appreciation of them makes me a flower’s child.

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