Roping The Wind


It is hard to believe that it is quickly approaching 10 years of blogging.. Journaling really.  It is fair to say, I was blogging before blogging was cool. For those who have followed me over the course of those 10 years, you may be asking why the change in the title of the blog? The answer comes easily for me, because I have changed. Becoming more focused over time.. While much of the things that “called me” have lost their appeal over those 10 years… and other things have come more into focus.. Like the auto focus on my camera lens.  In my 30’s and 40’s I was doing more “exploring,” today, in my 50’s I am more tuned into what I have built over that time and it all settles in closer to home, and it is those things that I most like to write about these days. Those things being; Faith, Family and Friends.

It is funny how there are not only seasons in a trip around the sun.. there are also seasons in this trip around this life. When my kids were little, I was home.. always… For the most part, that was my job… day in and day out, my days were filled with getting my kids to their next event, or their next appointment, or home schooling or…. My most used title was that of mom. It was fast paced, action filled, hold on with everything you got kind of a season. Much like Spring work….As they began to leave home it felt much like summer.. I had no particular schedule to keep, but I was running here and there, visiting them and having fun… days seemed long and inviting and at the end of them I felt exhausted and thrilled and as if I had squeezed every last drop out of every day…

Now, I sense a new season coming up on me… my life is feeling a bit like, if you pay close enough attention, there is a hint of coolness in the air. . . . an ever slight sweet smell of the grapes, we are so used to here in the valley… that gives us a hint that fall is thinking about making an appearance. I feel it all; the nostalgia of Spring, the fatigue of summer, and the sweet anticipation of fall. I sense this next season will come at a slower pace. I am not 100% sure what it will look like, but I do know it will all happen closer to home, as I desire to make myself more available to my grown children and spending as much time as I can with my grand-babies… in which there are now four. . .

If truth be told.. Fall has always been my favorite season, I love the rich colors, and the chill in the air, sitting around the fire sipping wine and sharing stories, it which I have plenty, thanks to my very full “summer season.”…… I am anticipating the Fall of my life will be no different then the many Season of Fall I have experienced.

Fall: I am excited for all it may bring, viewing the uncertainties of it, like roping the wind… no idea what I will catch as I throw out my rope. But, eager to throw the rope. Even if it turns out that I am only roping the wind.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

                                                                                                                                       Ecclesiastes 3:1



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