The Eye Of a Horse

IMG_8339.JPGThere are horses that have taken up residence in a pasture right at the entrance of my town.  Since I don’t often use that exit to go home, I cannot be a witness as to how long they have been there.  There are several. A herd. Young, old, black, brown, chestnut.  They speak to me somehow. There is something about horses that bring a calm to my heart and mind.

I’ve been unsettled the last couple of weeks. Restless. Aimless. Purposeless. Frustrated. Weary.  As my day would have it, I drove past that field several times. Each time slowing down to catch a glimpse. Each glimpse offering a glimmer of hope… a rekindling of joy.

I think God must have known there would be days like this. I was reminded of a card I saw a few weeks back.. that simply stated, “Sometimes I catch God watching me through the eyes of  a horse.”  While it may not be doctrinal sound to think such a thing.. I sure know it explains why on days like this, it is one of the few things that work like a suave for what ails me. And, I smile.

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