Overnight Success

Who could have imagined that little old me could, at 58, become an overnight success? Certainly not me. I never had high enough aspirations to achieve such a thing. To some, I am the perfect underachiever. I like life smaller, quieter, less chaotic. I tend to do “gone” better than most. I hate drama and all the storm that it draws.

Yet here I am. Possessing a skill that so much of the world is desiring. I am (or at least my skill) is in high demand. As the edict went out to social distance, so many felt overwhelmed… me, I am fine. Matter of fact, I am ….  the same. My truck still drives down the country roads. My camera still flicks and clicks at the gentle persuading of my finger. I still harass my dad via text and phone. I still visit with my Texas Kiddos via SnapChat and Text Messaging. My email still takes incoming emails and as luck would have it, I can can still send emails out.  My yard and garden still need things done. My trailer needs de-winterizing. Dishes and laundry and cooking still need attending to. The pile of books that I am working my way through still next to my computer table and my personal writing challenges still getting done.

I do understand that this thing of social distancing can be very hard on some. Yet, I see the blessing in it for me and other introverted people. It is a season that we gain more understanding from some of our more social loved ones. All of the sudden more people understand that “Acts of Kindness” do not require our physical presence. And, that  the world  does keep spinning even if we are not out in the center of it all, somehow balancing its axles on our already heavy shoulders. And, that free time for kids to play and be kids, instead of running from one activity to the next, brings with it, humor and sound sound sleep. Being a lone with our own thoughts, can be beneficial.

I was in my late 30’s or possibly early 40’s when I finally had an ah-ha moment. A moment of self awareness that exposed that while I CAN do social things, it isn’t the thing that fuels me. It isn’t the thing that adds to my creativity, or that inspires me to do better or be better. Rather the rhythm of those things, the demand, the expectations… were exhausting me and leaving me drained and unavailable for those things that truly were the heart of me.

So while it is really easy to get caught up in all the negatives of this time of social distancing, maybe it can also be a time of reclaiming those things that are really most important to us as humans. It could be an amazing time to get off the rat wheel and really take a look at the life we are creating. Take a minute and ask ourselves if it is really the road we want to be on. If it is, remember; this too shall pass. And, if you find that it isn’t, use this time to get a new plan.

Love one another.. for those of us that are Christians, it isn’t a suggestion. But it can look so many more different ways, and many of them do not require you to physically attend. Pick up a pen and paper and write a letter. Order dinner for someone and have it deliver to their door. Poor yourself some coffee and call a friend.

To all my Extroverted friends who have for EVER wondered about those of us that tend to “hold up” in our homes or living our lives on the back roads, go ahead and slip on our boots… you might just fine that it is all  going to be okay!

Sincerely your overnight success.

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2 thoughts on “Overnight Success

  1. Paulette Rees-Denis March 18, 2020 — 9:49 pm

    I love you!

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