Thanks Giving

Even in 2020 there is much to be thankful for. 2020 has been a dozy, hasn’t it? Even without a world wide pandemic it has been hard. Our family lost Tom’s dad, and my mom goes further and further into Alzheimer’s.. Tom’s lost a couple childhood friends… and. well it is all hard. But even with it all…. We find so much to be thankful for Our son Cole married the love of his life. In a quiet ceremony that was sweet and intimated, and.. perfect. Luke, Kassie, Everett and Kellie made the trek home for a visit from Texas. Adrian and Zoey bought their first home, we have a new grandbaby due any time, and Tom and I celebrated 36 years….

The Bible tells us to give thanks in everything…. It is a mindset to do so. I have learned, that no matter how hard life feels… or how hard it is… there is always someone dealing with more. And if we stay present, keep our eyes open to the world around us, keep our hearts open, we know that is true.

I am so grateful for the men I have in my life. Our boys have grown into being great men, and they are raising their boys to be great men.. they are also raising strong women who will attract great men. I adore that.

Today as I walked behind Tom, Thomas and Izzy as they searched for the perfect Christmas tree… the scenery was as if we were walking through a picture. And, all I felt was grateful for this life. Our time here is short. And as Thanksgiving Day 2020 is in the rearview mirror…. Find a moment to be thankful for something…. for in giving thanks

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