Groom Texas-

My Journey through DREAM BIG by Bob Goff


In Bob Goff’s Book Dream Big -The Author reminds us to “Keep asking the important questions.” And, those questions are “Who are you? Where are you? and What do you want.” He opens up the chapter talking about a ghost town in CA that was up for auction, the name of the town just happened to be Goffs. His sir name. How could he not bid? He goes on to opine about all the wonderful things he will do if he wins that little town… “I’ll be Mayor”, he declared.

On our recent trip through Texas we stumbled on a little town called Groom Texas. Actually, we stumbled across it while mapping out our trip. We knew it was going to be out of the way an hour or so, but we still wanted to say that we were there. So we made the extra pilgrimage. And, it did not disappoint. Groom Texas was this quaint little sleepy town, that is so many ways reminded us of the little town in Washington that my husband and his family call home.

Our visit compelled us to ask questions. Who was the town named after? and as the miles passes we learned more and more about the English Cattle Baron and his little town in Texas. I read everything I could find on him, his life, what brought him to Texas, where he got his money and on and on and on… The miles between this east Texas town and Fort Worth are a blur as my eyes were peeled to my phone as I soaked it all the information I could find.

As I read chapter three in Dream Big, I was challenged by the thought the author lays out… when was the last time I examined my own life in such a way? When was the last time I sat down and asked of myself.. Who are you? Where are you on your own road of life? and what do you really want?

As I embark down through the pages of this book it has become real that this isn’t going to be one of those easy reads. Goff, like me, writes like he talks.. and that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… but, I love it. In a good way, he reminds me that we dont need to be “drinkable” for everyone in order for find our place in the world. And, just as it took us being willing to take a side trip in our already very long travels, I cannot help but to feel an excitement welling up in me… an anticipation that in answering those questions will provide an opportunity to become more clear on where I am going. Safe Travels.!

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