I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting this little cowgirl yesterday. In her four years she was more “cowboy” than most adults. As I watched her get pushed aside by the big people, thinking she was just to little, or too young, or….. I over heard her, under her breath, assure herself , I CAN!.

I admired her determination. I admired her ability to not let the well meaning opinions of others break her spirit. She came to “cowboy” and she was determined to do just that. Inch by inch I watched her adjust to be able to feel as if she had purpose in her being there.

I found myself drawn to her… this four year.. teaching me life lessons.

Most of my life my own insecurities echoed back to me through the words of others, or through a look… or a sense that if they had the courage to actually vocalize their passive assessments of whether they thought I would succeed or not, their words would mimic my own fears. It took me years to get to where it seems this four year old was starting.

Whose to say who we get to be? Whose to say what we get to contribute? Whose to say that what we bring to the table is enough or that it isn’t? As so brilliantly displayed yesterday, it is all about the internal dialog that we have with ourselves.. although a few kind words, and knowing nods from others certainly doesn’t hurt.

I made a new friend yesterday, her name is Maisy! My new mantra is to “do it like Maisy,” and even through the noise of doubters, tell myself… I CAN!

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