She May Be Small……

“She may be small, but she is fierce.” When I was a young mom, I grabbed ahold of the scripture that says, “Bring up a child in the way that they should go and they will not stray from it.” Proverbs 22:6 I am not saying I did it well. And I am certainly not saying that it is easy. Nor am I saying let them do what they do… there is some trimming away that needs to happen. But, what I did learn is that not all littles are the same, and not all littles respond the same to instruction…. But as parents the things we value is up to us to pass on. Not teachers, not Sunday school teachers or preachers…. But us, as parents.

I spent a few hours with my three of my grandchildren recently. And as I negotiated with this little, I was reminded of how grateful I am that she is fiercely independent, just as I was parenting her dad and his brothers. In an ever increasing world where conformity is trying to be forced, I cannot help but to find refuge in the fact that there are still little ones, and their parents, who are still willing to do the hard work to help sculpt independent thought.

I remember trying to find the balance between allowing them to be independent and at the same time insure that they are respectful. As I heard her older brother correct some of her “stuff” I knew that she was getting the instruction she needed. I also knew, that her heart will be a great leader.

As she blew her dandelion seeds, sorry dad, I couldn’t help but think of all the little ones who like those seeds will take root and bless all those who see them.

As a side note… I am drinking dandelion tea as I type this.. It will be my job as her granny to remind her, like my tea, her little life will be comfort and healing to those who are willing to try something out of the ordinary. There is so much in todays world to be worried about, but I came away feeling like hope still springs…. Now, lets leave them world that is worth fighting for.

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