10846010_10204542556817384_1955925734378499997_nHi, my name is Rene’ Groom. I am a wife, mom, mother-in-law, granny, friend, speaker, writer, accidental photographer, a woman of faith and a cowgirl interrupted.

Few things define me as well as “God, Country, and Apple Pie.”  I am a simple down-home girl with an unapologetic woman of faith. A Country girl who loves to explore the back roads. I love country music and playing it really loud with the truck windows rolled down.

A self-proclaimed brilliantologist, my greatest joy comes when I can use any talent or skills that I may have to help others tell their stories as they live them out on the back roads of life.

My husband Tom and I have been married 36 years and have 5 sons, Thomas, Luke,  Cole, and Matthew, plus a son we have taken hostage as our own; Adrian, and four amazing daughters that have entered our lives because they love our boys. Add to that 2 amazing grandsons, and 2 beautiful granddaughter,  boy life is full. We have so much to be grateful for.

Among the blessings that are my family,  I am blessed with amazing friends who support me in my writing, my photography and my public speaking, and my spiritual walk.

I was born a writer… I was also born with dyslexia  – doesn’t God have a great sense of humor? He never promised us an easy road. It is only when we stop identifying ourselves through the lens of “man” that we can walk in the fullness of who we are. I have learned that some writers are born and some are made and both have their place in the world of writing.

I am an accidental photographer. As I began my work as a writer I discovered that editors wanted associated photos with the text, often I could hunt down a photographer, but it cramped my style. So, in true Rene fashion, I picked up the camera and gave it a go. It brings me more joy than I could have predicted. Each photo tells a story. And, the right photo can draw the reader where you want them to go. I love seeing the world through the lens of a camera.

I have been asked to share my story with groups of women, and I am always surprised how it can be used to guide someone out of their own darkness. I believe no matter the story, no matter the pain, it is best healed in the antiseptic strength of daylight. I am a believer that as a woman of faith, my story; my whole story belongs to God and hope that I will continue to use it for his glory.

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