I was struck by this photo this morning.  I woke up with a full-on panic attack. Literally sitting straight up in bed, out of a dead sleep. In my dreams was the image of a tightrope walker. She had one of those long awkward poles in her hands as she tried to find her balance.... …

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A Back Road Reminder

I have recently been reminded of the brilliance that lives and breathes down the back roads of our lives. That "thing" that happens when one finds enough bravery to become the who, they have always wanted to be. When moments are stolen away from the demands of the day. The young police officer who picks …

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There are certain things that still speak to me. Wild things.  I hope I never lose track of them. However it doesn't escape me that they become more and more difficult to pursue. I hate that. Less for myself, more so for those that come after me. My girlfriends and I, all of a certain age, …

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Just a few short months ago, I was sitting at one of  my favorite local coffee shops listening to my friend Melisa share her vision of a "family praise night." We live in the Yakima Valley. A very diverse place. Our every day is a blend of difference and diversity. Her vision was ONE people …

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 I cannot stop thinking about them. They are branded on my heart... seared into my every thought. Every detail. Every Act. Every thoughtful thing they did. Perhaps the imprint, not necessarily that of their own, but rather how they chose to be Christ to me. How precious those memories are. They become more so with …

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I Cannot Un-know That.

It has been about a year and a half. Perhaps longer.  I am horrible with time. But, lets just say, it is within the last two year, that God began to  show me that even while things can feel like they are happened to you..... perhaps God is allowing them to happen for you. For …

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Crystal Peaks

  Several years ago, I was lent a book written by Kim Meeder. I instantly fell in love. With her, her heart, her ministry and the stories she so generously shared. I quickly engulfed them all... some dozen or so.  Then, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit her ranch. To sit across from …

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The Eye Of a Horse

There are horses that have taken up residence in a pasture right at the entrance of my town.  Since I don't often use that exit to go home, I cannot be a witness as to how long they have been there.  There are several. A herd. Young, old, black, brown, chestnut.  They speak to me …

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Roping The Wind

It is hard to believe that it is quickly approaching 10 years of blogging.. Journaling really.  It is fair to say, I was blogging before blogging was cool. For those who have followed me over the course of those 10 years, you may be asking why the change in the title of the blog? The …

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But….. I don’t wanna!

Have you ever felt like this horse, afraid to walk into the "new"?   Probably not. I am sure that I am the only one. Mostly I would say I am a pretty courageous person. I don't mind new things. I often don't mind scary things.  I "pride" myself in knowing that there is not much …

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