Jody and Goliath

This is my friend Jody. 12080102_10206891097729439_7656259173051707660_o Yep, that is her in the blue shirt with her back to us. Quietly going about her business. Serving. We met back when we were both young moms of boys. Very busy boys, and while I know we would have been the best of friends, frankly we like a lot of other young moms were to busy surviving motherhood. Yep, we were more than mere friends, we were comrades on a survival mission.  I am forever blessed that God brought her back into my life now that we both can celebrate who we have  become as wives, moms, writers and women of faith. Continue reading “Jody and Goliath”




I can recall the first time I saw this little sign. It made me stop and laugh. Later, I found it again in the form of a card that I purchased for a friend who found herself at the end of one story line, headed into the land of uncertain things. It has become our “battle cry” of sorts. We use it just as one might use a “get out of jail free” card in monopoly.

The truth is, almost everyone I know is living in their own “plot twist” in one way or another. Matter of fact I cannot think of anyone I know whose life has been script perfect. Which of course doesn’t mean that they are living a secondary life, often times it is actually bigger and better than the original dream.. Sometimes, it isn’t. But even in those incidences life, love and contentment and fulfillment have been found in the strangest of places. Continue reading “PLOT TWIST”

If Your Happy

jarthurw34Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth…

I have been reminded on several occasions lately the importance of not only focusing on the good things in your life, but also the importance to letting the world see that you are happy.

I don’t think it is about putting on “a happy face,” it has to be deeper than that. And, while I think there are times when we need to fake it until we make it, that isn’t what I am talking about here.

I have found, that happiness truly is a choice. And in it’s purest form, it is contagious.

For me,it has been a discipline of focusing on the things in my life that ARE good. Things that DO make bring me  happiness. It is an awareness that I am holding the pen.. and as an adult, I am writing my own story.Continue reading “If Your Happy”

Not Everyone That Wears The Hat…..

shirt_cowboycode_frontIs a Cowboy……
I think as little ones, we all dream of someday being something. Perhaps it is a nurse, or a doctor, or a fire fighter or teacher. Me; I wanted three things, to be a mom, a writer and  cowgirl. And, I am proud to say that I have, in my own ways done and are all three.  Inside each of these dreams and goals, there are some adjustments, some concessions and some compromises I have had to make.Continue reading “Not Everyone That Wears The Hat…..”

The Little Tree That Could

apricot_blossom_by_kicsimojaIf trees could talk, this little one would have a few tales to tell. Today as I was sitting at the dining room table, trying to be disciplined in my writing, my mind wondered as I searched to become more familiar with my stories leading lady. As my mind buzzed around, it eventually landed on the apricot tree in our back yard.  In true Rene fashion,  my mind jumped between character and tree…. tree and character, (shiny thing to shiny thing). Yet somewhere in the dance it became clear to me that they were both very similar in their beginnings.  This little tree,stands now, a master pieces… but it’s beginnings were harsh. Planted and uprooted several times before landing in its current place of residence. I thought of it’s being planted as a tiny tree only to  be ran over TWICE by a contractor building houses to the west of ours. His little branches and trunk scraped and battered. His mere presence disregarded and tossed aside. I can recall the local nursery telling me that with the right soil, love, water, and out of the reach of said contractor the tree had a fighting chance. It became our  committed purpose to insure that the little tree grew into a big, fruit producing tree and he has.Continue reading “The Little Tree That Could”

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.

76fbf832114916265d3e43360862d13fI don’t like the “talking head” shows on radio and T.V although I do think that people should be informed on the issues of the day.  I don’t know why we call the News… News, since most of it is actually just perception on the events of the day. Propaganda to get folks on one side of the issue or the other.

I have gotten to a point where I listen to conservative info and liberal info and trust that the truth is somewhere in the middle. My brilliant group of friends keep me sharp. We all agree to nothing politically. Even my fellow Conservatives have different views that I. I am a Constitutionalist – because I think they are a level playing field for all. And, a Republican candidate doesn’t always get my support simply because they say they are conservative.  I think there are plenty of folks on both sides of the issues that have forgotten about “we the people.”Continue reading “Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.”

My Mind Goes Back…..

IMG_5491It is amazing really, what can take you back to a place you thought you had left long ago. As I lay on the massage table, just moments after, I could not help but to smile. Not at the event itself, but at how in this moment I can see all roads collide.

I woke today just like most days. Although it was a little different this morning, as just the night before  I had made a decision to devote today to pampering myself. My daughter in law Kassie had given me a gift certificate for a pedicure, and my hubby had been encouraging me to go back to the Massage therapist that I so adore here in town, and I had finally given myself permission to do both. A day of pampering I had decided. It was my way of celebrating the 7 pounds I had lost.Continue reading “My Mind Goes Back…..”

What Is This World Coming To?


It is a question I have asked myself a million times in the last few months… We see communities being devastated while our president describes it as righteous anger. Overly paid singers using a world wide platform to call for the killing of cops and praising the black panthers. Politicians using their insider knowledge to line their pockets by in essence stealing the nations resources. FEDs being turned against our own ranchers and farmers for trying to stand with the constitution; rights we thought we all had. The over reach of the government in land grabs and in pressing charges against those who challenge their reach.Continue reading “What Is This World Coming To?”

By Choice


Those that have endured my ramblings over a long period of time, know that I am a cowgirl by choice, having fallen so deeply in love with a cowboy when I was only six years old. Not that he wasn’t flawed, I am sure he was, but he loved me fiercely. I knew that once he said it, I could bank on it. He worked hard and played hard, and there was something about that, that spoke to me. His handshake was better than any legal document and his commitment to his animals and his land was not something that someone had to require of him, but rather a responsibility that pulsed from deep inside of him. A God given mandate that he knew and honored.

I love being out in the wide open range, breathing in the crisp air, hearing the cattle bellow in the background as the horses ears are on point watching their every move. NO words are needed…. as the cow dogs move the “doggies” on home.Continue reading “By Choice”

How The West Was Lost


One of my favorite Pastors (Dave Bruce) while not a blogger, posts “ponderings” on his face book feed. Things that he thinks one might consider. I love them. In the spirit of “pondering” I decided I should figure out what it was to actual ponder. Was it a fleeting look at something, or was there more. So, as I do, I researched my answer.Continue reading “How The West Was Lost”

Harney County


I have spent a lot of time reading, researching, praying since I became aware of the events in Harney County, Oregon. Wondering where my responsibility was in this event. Or, even if I had any responsibility at all. To some, the fact that I live nowhere near Harney County would obviously mean, that of course it could have nothing to do with me. But, the more I researched it, the more I thought about it, the more I learned about it, the more I felt I did have a responsibility in it.Continue reading “Harney County”

Here We Are Again.


Here we are. I have been here 53 other times, yet each time I have circled around it, I have been in a different space.

It’s January 1st.. and with it comes thoughts of what I hope this year will be, the joys it will bring with it, and only a moment as I breath a prayer to be spared of the pain that can come with it too.

As I get older… the pain is harder and harder to avoid. It is that way by design. We lose more of the ones we love…. even if it is in design order, we hold close the ones we love as they say good-bye to ailing parents, or remind them to smile when life becomes too much as they try to balance kids, grand-kids and aging parents who now require more attention.Continue reading “Here We Are Again.”

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