My Guys

My husband Tom and I met in the fall ocropf ’84 at Walla Walla Community College. And we were married 9 months later. Complete opposites some might say, but the things we had/have in common is a love of family, rural life and Jesus. Both Tom and I love rodeos, all things cowboy-ing and country music. Tom has dirt in his veins and has made agriculture our lives. He is a good singer and loves to play instruments. He was recently given a mandolin for his birthday, and I am excited to see him teach himself to play it once carrot harvest is complete for this year. We both love bluegrass music and southern gospel. Tom is a very good wood-smith and when life allowed him to, I know he would spend all his time in the wood shop, he is a very talented guy and can build or fix almost anything.


14711132_10209766820220704_6035174210733806961_o Thomas   is our oldest son and, the one most like his dad perhaps. He is self motivated. A man that  sets high goals and expectations for himself. He loves a challenge. A few years ago he purchased a motor bike and has spend a lot of time tearing it apart, just to put it back together, he also builds his own guns. There is nothing that he cannot do once he has set his mind to it, and being a man of integrity has been one of the things he has set his mind to. He is a good friend; loyal and dependable and someone that anyone would want in his corner… Currently he is a police officer and on the local SWAT team and lives back in the Northwest after spending some time in Arizona and Afghanistan. He is a little bit of a dare devil.. more than I would like.. but. so far, so good. Thomas just got married to a beautiful girl. My first daughter-in-law, Emerald Groom. She is a beautiful girl inside and out. We could not be more thrilled. They have one little one, his name is Isaiah – we call him Izzy ….

Lucas is our second born. After spending 4 years in the Coast Guard, Lucas spent some time in the Florida Keys, and  in Tyler, TX where he met his wife Kassie. Lucas is also a singer songwriter, and a brilliant one I might add. I miss hearing him sing in the basement. Lucas is probably the most laid back of the four boys…. Luke is both a local fire fighter and works for ABC Fire Suppression. Luke and Kassie moved “home” to Washington State last year and have two beautiful babies. Rhett who is now two and Kellie Rene (my little name sake) who was born in January. Being a granny is divine.

Adrian  is Son 2.5 – not a son by birth, or even by law, but never the less a son in deed. Adrian lives here Pasco, Washington with his beautiful Wife Zoey. They are both in the medical profession and students. We are so proud of their hard work and their love of others. We inherited Adrian when the boys were in middle school and he is a natural fit to the family, and he blesses us in so many, many ways.



Cole . He is a unique blend of both his older brothers. He is our great out-doors-man. Loves all things hunting and fishing and………………It is obvious that he wants a big life. While he has an adventuresome spirit, those adventures tend to be more around the travel and outdoor arenas. We love having him closer to home these days. Currently Cole lives in Spokane Washington and is pursuing a life as an electrician.


10205993915940455Matthew is our youngest, he is 20. While the verdict is still out on who he will become, he is one of the funniest kids on the planet, and has a huge heart.  He is so smart, he can do anything he sets his mind too.. it is just setting his mind that is the challenge. . Since graduation from high school he has been trying out different trade type jobs, worked with a Sheep Shearer, and local winery and Vineyard… As he tried to figure out what he wants life to look like.