Dancing In The Rain


I found myself outside in our front yard tonight twirling around—- my version of dancing in the rain. If my neighbors had not known me for the last 13 years, I am sure that they would think me… special. But, since they do know me, I am sure that they no long think I am “touched”, but rather have moved me firmly into that particular column.

Yet, I am okay with that.

It has been a long summer. Much like several go rounds on some horrible roller coaster…. Huge ups – – –  where you feel elated, then deep plunges where you wondered if the seat you were strapped into was going to come off the quarter sized rails it was placed on…. My emotional have been all over the map…. As I scanned across the memories and photos of the last three months, some make me belly laugh out loud….others make tears flood my eyes, while others cause my heart to pound loudly in my chest and wonder if they will ever be resolved.

Today, in many ways, was the perfect day. I got to spend it with a couple of my kids moving and sorting cows at a friend’s place… hot, feeling dirty from the gust of wind that brought with it dust that would stick to my already sweaty skin, the smell of cows and the gentle nudges of the horses…. all made for the perfect backdrop. Off in the distance we could see a storm brewing and every now and again, a chill in the air letting us know that it was getting closer…. the crack of the whip of one of the cowboys, made me anticipate the thunder that seemed right around the corner….

At one moment as I stood in the lane waiting for the cows to enter, I thought… Life is good. Really good.

I’m not saying that it is perfect.. I am not sure I could even image a perfect life. There are still heartaches, still loses that I struggle with. Still questions, and issues of trust with much to learn about grace and love and letting go….

Yet, as the wind blew and the lighting lite up the sky and the thunder cracked… all I wanted to do was to be grateful for this day, to dance in the rain and let the rain wash away all that made this summer a painful one, leaving only the good…… So I did.

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