Taming of the True



There is an attitude to the west… to cowboying…. cowgirling…. One that cannot, will not be tamed. It is one of independent spirit… only dependent on self and God. It doesn’t require pack thinking… or find it necessary to take a poll. It is an attitude of strength and solitaire. A place where those two things are intertwined… strength because of solitaire. A place where a true cow poke isn’t afraid of the quiet or the busyness of their own mind. Matter of fact quiet time with it and with their God is a required exercise.

To be a true cowboy (either male or female) one needs to have linear thinking, yet can always think outside of the shoot…. What I mean is.. In their linear thinking, a cowboy has a strong sense of self, a stronger sense of right and wrong, they are deeply embedded in tradition, in history, in time honored works… or the knowledge of things that have worked over time. Yet, they too, think fast on their feet.. and the wiser ones are slower to speak….They can take a thought and chew on it… like a cow with it’s cud until every aspect has been thought through. Most cowboys have a sense of “make do”, often times putting themselves last on the list of things wanted and needed. Their livestock, land, horses, all high on the list.

Cowboys understand the meaning and the value of a good fence…and are honor bound to be a good neighbor.

When I look around the world, and the state in which I find us as a people… my heart cries out “Where have all the cowboys gone?”  Where is that western spirit who looks at life and is ready to ride after their dreams at full run, rope twisting in the air.. ready to snag their piece of it?  Where are the quiet thinkers, chewing their cud in pursuit of answering the big questions? Where is the independent spirit, that “I was born with a free spirit, yet watch as our freedoms are stripped away, one law at a time dependent on pack thinking?

Farmers and Ranchers are under more skrootney these days, all in the name of “the greater good.” When in truth, it is my assessment that it isn’t their activities that are the target as much as it is their independent nature that has them under the gun.  Speaking of Guns…. Well I will save that for another vent….

After reading an article this morning on a Rancher who is being tormented by the BLM in Nevada, I couldn’t help but to think that it is so time for a cowboy rising. We, as a nation have lost sight of right and wrong in my humble opinion. Our government no longer works for us, but rather we are becoming a slave to it. America was founded on their very principle. We moved across the pond, to live a life  of freedom only to return to that in which we came. 

It is easy to look at the world through the lenses of fear.. I have heard so many of my friends talk about history repeating itself, and in doing so they are referring to the ills of the world… BUT, I am thankful that history does tend to repeat it self. When it was necessary, the cowboys of this world roped the wild west and made a claim for freedom. I believe it can happen again. 

I see a rising on the horizon. I feel the thundering hooves of change.. I hear the subtle roar of the anthem singing, “The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing,” and now the crew boss call out, Saddle up Boys!!!! 

A lot of things can be tamed. Laws made to try to coral the wild. But there is one thing that I believe to be un-tamable. It is that inner cowboy… their will never be ” taming the true.”


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