An Intentional Life

I have often described myself as a Jackie of all trades~ Master of none. I’ve always admired those friends who work their craft and master it. A number of years ago, I decided that while I may never be in the “masters” class, I wanted to be more intentional about those things that were on top of my list.

I wanted to be “that” granny who was always available for the babies. To be upfront and visible in their life. This is spurred on by the question of Toni Morrison that asks, ” Do your eyes should light up every time a child walks into a room?”

I wanted to find a way to have horses in my life and on the other side of my camera’s lens. I wanted to write about those I find living brilliant lives, have my hands and toes in the garden’s dirt and to live out my faith in ways that made others want to know more about what it is I believe..

My curiosity could have ended me. I love it all. And, it would be easy to stay on the road of “one and done.” You know the one.. that road that intersects with Chaos and unsatifaction. But thankfully a friend who I was interviewing at the time shared the importance of figuring out what you wanted your life to feel like and having the strength and discipline to say no to everything else. I have since shared often the importance of the philosophy that says, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” (Yes, that is a Rene-ism) but, I grabbed a hold of it.

It is easy to be so busy that you life doesn’t really speak to one thing. In the beginning I was afraid that I was setting myself up to living a smaller life… When nothing could be further than the truth. A more simple life doesn’t mean you stop learning.. it just means that instead of your life growing in width, it is growing in depth.

Its like the beautiful pansy… She seems content to be a pansy. She is beautiful and if her beauty was all you wanted from her… well.. she can give you that. But, if you wanted more… she offers that too. You can dry her, add her to a salad, make beautiful soaps with her petals…. Her depth is there if you chose it…

There are so many advantages of choosing an intentional life. SO I am curious what are you choosing to be intentional about?

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