Being Mom


(left to right) Thomas, Cole, Rene, Lucas, Matthew

Being a mom, is my claim to fame. I can live to be 110 years old, get to be a published author, and make my millions but, even after all that being a mom will be my greatest accomplishment. Not that I was even that particularly good at it. Lord knows I made so many mistakes, and failed each of them in ways that I probably don’t totally grasp. But, I can say that I did, and do love them with everything that I have.

I had the great pleasure of having all the kids home for the first time in two years. All of us under the same roof for  4 full days….Thomas and Lucas were home for their friend Shane and Maranda’s wedding, Cole has been home for the summer (perhaps his last, as he is making plans to take summer school next year to finish up his degree), and each of them had their girlfriends, fiance, with them. I must say it was pure joy!


I truly love each of the girls, and can see how perfect they are for each of the boys. I am sure that I couldn’t have chosen better for them. I feel blessed!

I wish that someone would have told me how hard being a mom of adult boys is, when the kids were little, so that I could be prepared. We raised them to be independent, and yet there is something so……….. well, sad about them being independent.

Don’t get me wrong, truly we wouldn’t want it any other way.Both Tom and I are independent in nature so I guess I couldn’t really expect anything different… but, I sure love it when they boomerang home for extended periods of time.

I really do spend a lot of time praying, contemplating, learning and studying how to be the “perfect” mother-in-law. I want to have the kind of relationship with these couples that gives them all the room their need to be who they are…. and still be as supportive of their dreams as I can. Which means, that just as in being mom to my guys when they were little, I have to be in relationship with each of them, and really understand who they are.

I know from personal experience, that many of us don’t ever out grown the need to be “mothered”, and I take it seriously that a mom’s best role is to always be there, no matter what the challenge which isn’t always as easy as we may wish it were.

As the weekend came to an end, and I found myself driving, alone, back from the Airport I couldn’t help but to think how amazing these young people are, and how blessed I feel at getting to be MOM to each of them. I am blessed.


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I am a wife, mom, granny and freelance writer and photographer living in Washington State Wine Country. I love to write about the amazing things I see, and the brilliant people I meet down the dirt roads of life.

2 thoughts on “Being Mom

  1. Renee, you do have some very special boys. I knew a couple of them before I knew you. You would be very proud of them and how they interact in a family setting with adults and children. I knew before I met you that I would like you since you raised such fine young men. You and Tom have done a fine job parenting. You are blessed and now I am proud to call you my friend. Patty


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