I’m Ready To Run

ready to run1In 1999 The Dixie Chicks came out with a song called, “ready to run” it was also on the sound track to “Run Away Bride” with Julia Roberts. Both the song and the movie I found to be quit cute. While I couldn’t so much related to the run-away bride – as in – literally being afraid of the marriage thing.. as I have been married for now almost 30 years…… but, there is no doubt that I am a runner.

The song un-apologetically sings out… I’m ready to run… I am ready to have some fun!!! that is the part that I relate to. I am a runner… I love the open road. I am more of a “journey” kind of girl, and less of the “destination” kind…. I don’t like to over plan road trips, but instead be open to even back road I come to. But health issues has had me sidelined.

Four and a half weeks ago, (Yes I too was surprised to truly realize it has only been 4 1/2 weeks), I had surgery to remove my thyroid and 5 tumors that had taken up residency on it. The surgery came after a very long 16 months of health issues that causes fatigue and other irritating side effects. So when I finally got the surgery date… I am not sure exactly what I was thinking, however I am fairly certain it was more along the lines of, Yippee!!!! I am finally going to feel better and back to the old me.. I will go in and have the thing removed, spend a couple of days recovering and hit the road a running.

Well, that hasn’t been exactly how this thing has rolled out. I am blessed beyond measure to have a hubby, a son at home and friends who had the foresight to suspect that this may not be exactly how this whole healing thing might go down. And they have shuttled me everywhere imaginable. But, mostly I have taken up residency on the house sofa and I am sick to death of it….

It has been several months that I haven’t been able to go anywhere by myself. Leading up to the surgery I was just to tired and had sever breathing issues and panic attacks that truly left me crippled. Since the surgery the fatigue has taken awhile to work itself out, and I am not truly there even yet.. but I am gaining on it.

So this weekend is scheduled to be my first outing, by myself… no one “driving Miss Lazy”, just me and the open road… and about 60 of my Sister friends…. and boy am I ready to run….

My only debate has been whether I will be pulling Jack (the r-pod) or Dusty (the vintage Aladdin), of course with Jack everything is easy…. the jacks are automatic and it takes 2 sec to set him up.  Then there is the ole gal that takes a little more care and a lot more time to get it level and hooked up and staged and …. SO naturally I have opted to take Dusty…. after all, you can’t truly reclaim your independence if you are going to be a mamby pamby about it, can you?  the way I see it… it is all or nothing. Of course I am quit sure I will probably need a nap when I get there, perhaps even before I get the trailer unhooked. But, still…. I’m ready!!! Ready to meet up with about 60 of my Sisters On the Fly friends and usher in the glamping season….

I am headed back home to Sun Lakes… having grown up in Coulee City, and spend my high school summers working at this park, I am ready for making new fun memories as I recall the old.

So mark your calendars – May 2 – is READY to RUN day!!!!  I’m ready to run.. I’m ready to have a little fu-u-u-u-u-u-n!

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1 thought on “I’m Ready To Run

  1. We need to try and do some running together this year. Joe and I love to travel and camp. So glad you are feeling better my friend.


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