UnLike Christmas’ Past

ImageThis Christmas at our home, will  not be like Christmas’ past… Where little ones.. or teens and even twenty-somethings laugh in the living room, fight for the hot showers, and we all trip all over the piles of treasures in the living room.

Instead, each of the boys, now with family obligations of their own, are starting new tradition and spending equal time with in-laws and friends and hopping planes to other locals.

It is the way it is suppose to be; yet I am struggling to find my new normal. I can’t say that I don’t have the holiday spirit, I do. I love this time of the year. I can’t even whine that the kids will be gone, it is what we want for them. We want them to be a part of their significant others family and life and be loved by them, and graciously they are….

Yet, what do we do with Christmas like this? Do I still put up a tree? hang lights outside? cook a turkey and . . . . .?

While I will no doubt miss the rush of Christmas morning..  I am sure that cinnamon rolls will still be on the  menu and we will be be a part of the boy’s Christmas morn… by phone or skype….

While this Christmas will certainly be unlike any other…. There have also been joys – – —  Like celebrating Christmas all month long..  and spending time with the boys one on one…..

So I am not saying that it is bad… just different…. UnLike Christmas’ past.

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4 thoughts on “UnLike Christmas’ Past

  1. Girl! Now you get to spend time with your man! Do it, love it, you are both awesome…


    1. Good Point.. I am sure it will be a lovely time…


  2. So well written the heart of change for all ‘mom’s’ and surprisingly even though not generally spoken, ‘dad’s’, when our children become adults and grow into themselves when they fall in love. Hard, but as Merle often reminds me ‘isn’t that what we trained them to do’. Merry Christmas – start a new tradition with your hubby and you.


    1. Thanks Linda.. A universal truth I know… We did, we raised them right!! Independent.. I always say, “the down side of raising independent children, is that they,,, are… well… independent. 🙂


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