Let it Go

I love winter. Okay, there, I have said it. I know. It isn’t always popular to admit that. It isn’t because of the skiing, which I don’t participate in. Nope I don’t snow mobile or Ice Skate, or anything else that would be a natural reason for loving the season of white.. or in our case grey….

For me it more of a reflective time.

Perhaps I love winter because I adore the other three seasons as much as I do.. and winter compels me to slow down, to stay home, to hunker down and just be. Where, admittedly so, the other three seasons I tend to be like a dog chasing it’s own tail. Always on the run.

There is a line in the lyrics of the popular Disney Cartoon  that simply states; It’s time to see what I can do To test the limits and break through No right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free! Let it GO!!!!

It describes what happens to me in the Winter, the most. There is a thing that happens for me during those times when I am still. Where the mornings are dark and just a little lazy. Where I have the freedom to stay in my P.J’s just a little longer, wrapped up in my favorite blanket, cup of hot tea and and my bible. I adore the stillness both inside and out.

It is a time where I can get reconnected with my dreams. Redefine them. Examine what worked and what didn’t and what changes I need to make once it is “go time again.”

I love sitting down with a floor full of magazines and make goal boards. I am such a visual person that it works for me to keep the vision out in front of me… it is also fun to look back at those boards this time of the year… the season of reflection, and see how many ways God provided me with everything I dreamed of.. even if they came in packages that I could never have imagined.

Winter for me is that thing that makes me slow down. As much as I love the road, I am chicken to spend to much time on it when Ice is sharing it’s space. I would much physically stay home and let my mind wander and play.

But more than anything, my love for this time of the year is the purging that comes with it. For I have learned that without the letting go of the things that arent working or that have served their purpose, there is little room for the new dreams that will find their way to the surface come the spring.

I am grateful for this time. I love the winter and the season the begs “Let it Go.”

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